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Title: Improving wear resistance of responsible hydraulic hammer details with ion-plasma treatment
Other Titles: Підвищення зносостійкості відповідальних деталей гідромолота іонно-плазмовим обробленням
Повышение износостойкости ответственных деталей гидромолота ионно-плазменной обработкой
Authors: Glushkova, D. B.
Ryzhkov, Yu. V.
Kostina, L. L.
Chigrin, A. A.
Stepanyuk, A. I.
Глушкова, Д. Б.
Рижков, Ю. В.
Костіна, Л. Л.
Чигрин, А. О.
Степанюк, А. І.
Глушкова, Д. Б.
Рыжков, Ю. В.
Костина, Л. Л.
Чигрин, А. А.
Степанюк, А. И.
Keywords: ion-plasma chromium plating;hydraulic hammer;wear resistance;іонно-плазмове хромування;гідромолот;опір зношуванню;ионно-плазменное хромирование;гидромолот;сопротивление износу
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Харківський національний автомобільно-дорожній університет
Citation: Improving wear resistance of responsible hydraulic hammer details with ion-plasma treatment / Нlushkova D. B., Ryzkov Yu. V., Kostina L. L., Chigrin A. A., Stepanyuk A. I. // Вiсник Харкiвського нацiонального автомобiльно-дорожнього унiверситету : зб. наук. пр. / М-во освiти i науки України; ХНАДУ ; редкол.: А. Г. Батракова (гол. ред.) та iн. - Харкiв, 2020. - Вип. 88, т. 1. - С. 7-11
Abstract: Details of the hammer during operation are subject to wear, which leads to a decrease in their service life. In accordance with the literature data in the practice of engineering uses many methods of hardening, which do not give a significant effect. Therefore, the application of new methods of surface hardening has become topical. These methods include ion-plasma chromium plating. On the basis of experimental studies, the effect of ion-plasma chromium plating on the wear resistance and mechanical properties of hydraulic hammer parts has been established, structural changes in the material have been analyzed. Ion-plasma chromizing of the parts pro-motes the increase of their wear resistance in 1.75 times as compared to those which are not strengthened. The technology of ion-plasma chromizing secures the running of the strengthened parts without breaking off and chipping. The zones of structural changes are marked on the sec-tions of parts damages, which are typical for the effects of the second hardening.
ISSN: 2219-5548
DOI: 10.30977/BUL.2219-5548.2020.88.1.7
УДК: 669.017
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