Improvement evaluation methodology of vehicle load and energy efficiency

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Problem. There was a need to expand the well-known concept of vehicle operational properties - fuel efficiency arose in connection with the advent of new alternative power plants (electric motors, flywheel engines, hybrid power plants, etc.), which requires the inclusion of not only the thermal energy of the fuel, but also other types of energy (electrical and mechanical). In the paper the research of choice and justification of the vehicle energy efficiency indicators by assessing the energy costs of the engine for its movement was made. The analysis of the relationship between energy characteristics of dynamics and vehicle efficiency was made. Goal. The aim of the study is to analyze methods for assessing the vehicle energy efficiency. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to determine indicators that will allow a comparative analysis of energy efficiency indicators of various vehicles. Methodology. The approaches taken in the work to solve this goal are based on substantiating the indicators of the energy efficiency of the car by assessing the energy consumption of the engine for its movement. Results. In our opinion, in projecting and evaluating the dynamic properties of vehicles, it is rational to use the energy indicators of the vehicle, for which it is necessary to develop appropriate assessment criteria. Analysis of the results of indicators calculation and, in table 1, has shown that the indicator in comparison with has less dispersion. Originality. The obtained results of the influence of the parameters of vehicles on the level of their energy load shows that the indicator has less dispersion than. In addition, the value does not correlate with the year of manufacture of the vehicle, which allows the use of this indicator at the design stage of vehicles. It is only necessary to set the rational normative value of this indicator. Practical value. The results obtained can be recommended to specialists for use in the design, production, certification and operation of automotive vehicles, vehicle energy efficiency, combined power plant.


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dynamic properties, aerodynamic resistance, engine power density, vehicle energy efficiency, car design, fuel efficiency, динамічні властивості, аеродинамічний опір, щільність потужності двигуна, енергоефективність автомобіля, дизайн автомобіля, паливна ефективність

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Improvement evaluation methodology of vehicle load and energy efficiency / M. A. Podrigalo, D. V. Abramov, Yu. V. Tarasov, M. P. Kholodov, R. O. Kaіdalov, N. M. Podrigalo, V. S. Shein // Автомобiльний транспорт : зб. наук. пр. / М-во освiти i науки України, ХНАДУ ; редкол.: А. В. Гнатов (гол. ред.) та iн. - Харкiв, 2021. - Вип. 49. - С. 36-44.